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August 23, 2018
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August 23, 2018


One of the most frequent question I receive, is which bike should be chosen for practice, building stamina or to commute on long routes. Well, it depends on what terrain you will be riding on; road, mountain or the purpose behind it. There are different types of cycles available in the market, such as:

  • Road Bike
These are designed specially for smooth pavements or road. They have skinny tires and ‘drop’ handlebars. These are very light bikes and can be used only on roads to move swiftly. Hence, not recommended to carry weights or for rough and unstable tracks. Road bike has further categories like,
Cyclo-cross (for mixed surfaces like gravel, grass and unpaved trails etc)
Touring Bicycles (Good self-support & sustainable for long road tours .
Track bikes (These are also called fixies, made for only velodrome, the oval bicycle track for racing)
  • Mountain Bike
These are designed specially for off roads and mountainous terrains. These have straight handlebars and very low gear range. MTB’s mostly have broad and hard tires and suspensions (shocks absorbers). The one with front suspension only is called ‘hard-tail’ and with dual suspensions is called ‘duallies’. Mountain bikes can be used for touring or commuting bikes.
  • Hybrid Bike
They provide the qualities of both road and mountain bikes and sometimes called cross bikes. They have straight handlebars and provide comfortable posture and are best for casual ride or short distance commuting. They can be used for both paved and unpaved paths but not recommended for off-road mountain surfaces. Some hybrid bikes come with front suspension to smooth out the small bumps.
**There are other types of bikes as well like cruiser bikes, city bikes, BMX, tandem bikes and folding bikes etc for different purposes and functions.

”For me, biking is the source of

exploring the world, discovering cultures

and my inner strength;

find your passion of pursuing it.”

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